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The Pigs’ Home Brew is an All Aussie Extravaganza!

The Pigs bring their hillbilly stylings to songs from Cold Chisel, The Avalanches, Powderfinger, Silverchair, Divinyls, Cousin Johnny Farnham, INXS and even Cousin’ Olivia Newton John(!)… with some very special guests along the way.


  1. Devil Inside
  2. Physical
  3. You Just Like Me ‘Cos I’m Good In Bed
    With Special Guests Fanny Lumsden and Red Symons on Pedal Steel and Accordion
  4. My Happiness
  5. Straight Lines
  6. Ita
  7. Better Get A Lawyer
  8. Since I Left You
  9. You’re The Voice
  10. Come Said The Boy
  11. Addicted To Bass
    With Special Guest Josh Abrahams on Bottles and Coo-EE’s!!
  12. Science Fiction
  13. Cathy’s Clown

Released 06 February 2015

The Pigs’ Home Brew was recorded live with No Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Headphones or Bloody Overdubs (except one.. see if ewe can spot it!)

Watch the Videos here… | Watch the Teasers here…

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