Tamworth Country Music Festival 2018


Announcin’ our 2018 Tamworth Country Music Festival Shows at the Longyard!

Beers, skittles n chaise lounges wouldn’t keep us away from our fave music festival…. Tamworth! So we’re leaving’ our life of luxury to sweat, party & sing at the Longyard!
Presenting all yer favourites and new tunes from our upcoming’ super album, there’ll be something’ fir everyone.

Here’s the dates… get on board soon, cause these are always full up.

Longyard Hotel

Date: 25/01/2018

Time: 7pm
Ringers Rd Tamworth
Longyard Hotel

Australia Day Party!

Date: 26/01/2018

Time: 7.30pm
Ringers Rd Tamworth
Longyard Hotel

The Pigs Official Unofficial Golden Guitars Afterparty!

Date: 27/01/2018

Time: 10pm
Ringers Rd Tamworth

Nindigully Pig Races!


Tiny and beautiful Nindigully, in South Western Queensland, is famous fir its excellent folk and monumentally huge PIG RACING weekend in November… and us Pigs are hugely honoured to be involved. After we run ’round n ’round n ’round with these little buggers, we’ll be performing and drinkin’ Beer.

Sounds like fun! Join us folks!!


Nindigully Pub

Nindigully Pubs Annual World Famous Pig Races

Date: 25/11/2017

Time: 6:30pm