JUST ANNOUNCED: The Pigs’ Home Brew Tour!


KERPOW! We’re tourin’, and we’re doin it our way… no distractions – like BEER or REALITY TV or BEER. Just fine music, finer friends and top-shelf beer!

We can’t wait to play ewes our new hit record… and all our greatest hits to boot!!

Tour dates to the right… or click here folks.

You Just Like Me ‘Cos I’m Good In Bed
With Special Guests Red Symons and Fanny Lumsden

From the upcoming “The Pigs’ Home Brew: 13 Aussie Classics”.

Us Pigs were very lucky to have the beautiful Fanny Lumsden… and the not so beautiful, but very well dressed, Red Symons, sharin’ their incredible talents with us on this Skyhooks classic!

We guess ewe know that Red is an original Skyhook.. and these are the original Pedal Steel and Accordion parts.


The Pigs’ Home Brew: 13 Aussie Classics


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The Pigs’ Home Brew: 13 Aussie Classics


Folks! Join us in celebration of the songs we love and the songs we grew up with. It’s an All Aussie Extravaganza! From Cold Chisel to The Avalanches… and with some very special guests along the way! Album Number 4 is almost here!

Stay tuned for more announcements on The Pigs’ Home Brew: 13 Aussie Classics!