The Pigs at the Longyard!


logo“When I think of Tamworth.. I think of The Pigs!” (Somebody said this.. but we forgot who)

Us simple Pigs are proud to be a part of Australia’s Biggest Music festival.. and of ‘course Australias best country music festival to boot!

We’ll be playing three ‘uge nights in our traditional Tamworth home… The Longyard!!

“Let’s Make Australia Tamworth again” (Stretch Pig said this)


Cellar-Bration of A Nation Australia Day party!

Date: 26/01/2017

Time: 8:30 pm

Annual Super-Sty Friday!

Date: 27/01/2017

Time: 7:30 pm

Unofficial Pig Afterparty!

Date: 28/01/2017

Time: 10:00 pm

The Pigs TOUR 16/17!



Especially if you’re a PIG!!

The Pigs are on tour this Spring Summer 16/17. Trekking from the Crooked Mountain Concert in the Warrumbungles to the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival… visiting all the logical sights on the way… and doing concerts! (more…)

Grand Ole Pigry comes to Tamworth!


Folks, in our eleventh year in Tamworth, we’ve decided to hold a concert in a theatre … with a Stage Manager… and a Dressin’ Room, a big Curtain and a Candy Bar. We’re puttin’ together a Country Music show just like they do in Nashville! We’ll be dressin’ up to the nines and celebratin’ with some very special guests. Oh… and featurin’ songs from a brand spankin’ new album of original tunes. We’d like to invite you to join us for a night of music and fun at The Grand Ole Pigry.

Special Guests!


Capitol Theatre

Date: 25/01/2017

Time: 8:00 pm
Level 1, Centrepoint Shopping Centre, 374 Peel Street Tamworth, NSW

Ita… Fir Ita!


Us Pigs we’re honoured to be invited to sing our version of the Cold Chisel tune “Ita” for Ita Buttrose (fir whom the song’s penned), on the TV!! Thanks for havin’ us Studio 10.. n’ thanks fir bein’ so beautiful Ita.