The Pigs at Tamworth 2015!


World famous for bare feet, bad behavior and supercharged Aussie hillbilly pop (yep, that’s a genre… yep, their own), The Pigs are a must see festival favourite.

This will be The Pigs 10th (ten-th) year at Tamworth, celebrating a career that has featured 4 albums, 1 EP, concerts all over Australia and the world, countless TV and radio appearances, trillions of beautiful fans and 4 very painful blisters.

But that’s not all…

This year at The Longyard Hotel, The Pigs present their very special new album, featuring special guests and ultra-special songs you all know and love. At the time of writing this, it’s being recorded and filmed in multiple locations across Australia… and it will have a name… but The Pigs don’t think that far ahead.

Join “The Pigs”, yep, that’s their last name, this year at Tamworth, an event that’ll test your Reg Grundies and quite possibly, change your life.

4 unmissable shows at The Longyard Hotel, book now before they sell out!

Click here for tickets.

International cred?

We dress international.. we speak international… we have internationally loved good looks… we even have hits in Germany… sung in German!
Check out this one recorded fir german tele.

The english version is available on our album “Horses.”


Sometimes It’s Hard… In Berlin!

Shot fir German TV. Here’s us singin’ “Sometimes It’s Hard” at Commusication at BKA Theatre in Berlin. Enjoy folks!

Sometimes It’s Hard is from our ferst album.. all those yeers ago… Its just called “The Pigs”, and it’s gold.