The Pigs’ Home Brew Tour!


KERPOW! We’re tourin’, and we’re doin it our way… no distractions – like BEER or REALITY TV or BEER. Just fine music, finer friends and top-shelf beer!

We can’t wait to play ewes our new hit record… and all our greatest hits to boot!!

Tour dates to the right… or click here folks.

The Pigs invite you to join them in a very special bluegrass celebration of Australian pop music, as they perform songs from their new album, The Pigs’ Home Brew: 13 Aussie Classics. “We’re celebrating the songs that we love and the songs we grew up with,” comments T-Bone Pig, “from Cold Chisel to The Avalanches.” Farnham’s You’re The Voice gets a wild yodeling makeover, Olivia Newton John’s Physical is performed with unnatural desperation and INXS’s Devil Inside has a whole lot more devil inside it.

Also expect many of The Pigs’ greatest hits, taken from a career spanning 10 years, 4 albums, 1 EP, concerts all over Australia and the world, countless TV and radio appearances, squillions of beautiful fans and 4 very painful blisters. The Pigs’ Homebrew Tour is an event that’ll test your Reg Grundies and quite possibly, change your life.